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Neversink Trip Report & Video

PostPosted: Mar 14, 2015 9:43 am
by ryanortega86
Hey everyone, some buds and I recently visited the beautiful and pristine 163 ft. sink known as Neversink (ironic name, I know) right outside Scotsboro, AL. From the parking lot to the sink is a winding trail that is not clearly visible at times, but if you tap into your primitive sense of direction you can navigate it. There are two anchor points with bolts/hangers that have been established at the site due years of wear and tear on the trees. The site is breathtaking as a springfed waterfall cascades down the side opposite of the anchor points. And at the bottom of the pit there a substantial breeze that whirls around due to the sheer forces created by the falling sheets of water. Ironically, once you get to the bottom, you just wanted to gaze above because the view up is amazing.

The following is an edited travel video of the adventure if you want a visual account...

Happy caving!

Re: Neversink Trip Report & Video

PostPosted: Mar 14, 2015 1:46 pm
by ryanortega86
Please be aware that simple hardhats like the ones we used on this trip are less than ideal. Whenever caving be sure to use a proper caving helmet. Most climbing style helmets will do the trick, but make sure it meets the following criteria: (1) provides shock absorption as well as impact protection (2) has a fixed chin-strap with 3-4 four point mounting (3) the chin strap should include a quick release for easy removal in case your helmet becomes wedged someplace (4) look for UIAA or ANSI approval (5) helmet mounts for lighting is a plus! If it doesn't have mounts for lighting, often you can jerry rig something if you're creative. However, be sure NOT to compromise the integrity the helmet if you make any sort of modification. Be safe and happy caving you all!