Any news about a death/s in Skinny Man's Cave?

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Any news about a death/s in Skinny Man's Cave?

Postby KeyserSoze » Nov 7, 2008 10:32 am

A friend of mine sent me a text message saying she heard about a couple of people who died in Skinny Man's Cave in Daniel Boone National Forest; I guess it would have happened 2 or 3 days ago. The cave is apparently easy to find and access, and it contains some very nasty climbs and exposure. I haven't been through it myself, but I know people who have. They found it while they were hiking, and they even ran into some other people inside, so apparently it is popular.

So has anybody heard anything about it? Apparently it was covered on the news but I can't find anything for it.
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Re: Any news about a death/s in Skinny Man's Cave?

Postby johnlhickman » Nov 11, 2008 9:55 am

I looked at the Lexington, KY newspaper web site. It looked like there was a double-fatality at a climbing area in Red River Gorge.

Perhaps that is what you are referring to?

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