EMTs in a cave

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Postby james huffaker » Jun 2, 2007 12:01 pm

Gents, so lets keep this thread going! From an outsiders perspective (hopefully soon to be an insiders perspective), the care we can provide to our patients and team mates (God forbid) seems like it would be of primary concern. What I'm purposing is a group of team members that are trained to an advanced level ( akin to a military spec-ops medic), operating under a physicians license, whose capabilities surpass the protocols of street providers (in fact these skills usually can't be used on the street of CONUS due to various laws and statutes), trained to function in remote, austere conditions providing the best and highest level of care available, and trained to the technical rescue standards of the team. The MD in charge is sometimes or often on site and hands on so that they can function as a member of the team, overseeing med ops and intervening when the situation dictates. This individual is the certifying physician (medical control) for those working under him, so he or she has direct feed back of the performance of those providing care and can decertify at will. So what say ye? Regards, Jim
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