Noble Stidham

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Noble Stidham

Postby mongocaver » Jun 26, 2018 1:36 pm

Noble Stidham passed away February 6, 2003 at the age of 64. He was the founder of the Lubbock Area Grotto and supported it vehemently for many years.
Here is a short obituary for him:

This is a little history I put together for LAG a few years ago from some of Noble's notes:
Lubbock Area Grotto is a full chartered Internal Organization of the National Speleological Society and holds Charter number G-317.
In October of 1985 9 people had a meeting at Noble Stidham's shop at 5th and Avenue G to discuss creating a grotto. Later that month Noble contacted the NSS by mail to request an application for charter.
On December 11, 1985 a Constitution was adopted, officers selected and the application for Charter was completed and submitted. The 9 people signing the application were:
Noble Stidham Chairman
Victor Polyak Vice-Chairman
Edward Hudgeons Secretary
Marcia Steele Treasurer
John Polyak
Don Horton
Jeffrey Steele
April Macdowell
Jeff Thom
January 28, 1986 the Charter was approved by the NSS.
March of 1986 the first official LAG newsletter was created and distributed by Noble.
April of 1986 LAG was voted in as a member grotto of the South West Region.
By the time I joined in 1990, a lot had changed. I never met Edward Hudgeons, Marcia or Jeffrey Steele, John Polyak, Or Don Horton. Several year later I did meet April Macdowel and Victor Polyak as they came back and became active in the grotto. And I met Jeff Thom, but he was just visiting Noble. The grotto has always been changing as folks move in and out of it. I would sure like it to be known that it wouldn't exist except for Noble's persistence and devotion to it. He was the father of LAG.
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