Urs Widmer - RIP

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Urs Widmer - RIP

Postby Wm Shrewsbury » Apr 8, 2012 1:24 pm

(Posted for Emily Davis)

Dear Friends,

On Easter Sunday 8. April 2012, at approximately 10:35 am Swiss time, Urs Widmer died at the Clara Spital in Basel Switzerland. None of us, including the hospital staff expected him to go so quickly. I slept all night in the hospital room and was standing beside the bed when he suddenly stopped breathing. For Urs this must have been a great relief because he had a very stressful night with abdominal distress.

Urs' pancreatic cancer progressed much faster than even the doctors anticipated. When the last surgery was done about 10 days ago, they discovered tumors throughout his abdomen, so we knew there was not much more that could be done. At the very least, he did not suffer long.

Urs was a fantastic husband, brother, son and friend to so many.
Let's remember and celebrate his life - he was always the optimist and dreamer, a perfectionist to the very end, and perhaps the most generous man I've ever met. He always thought of others before himself, even struggling against this nasty cancer.

We love you Urs!

Sue Widmer
Heidi, Regi and Hanna Barbara

Emily Davis
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