Ohio Involves Cavers in WNS

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Ohio Involves Cavers in WNS

Postby ohiocaver » Jan 5, 2017 4:01 pm

Ohio's Division of Wildlife is asking state cavers what they think of closing "mines and caves" due to WNS and whether they (cavers) de-con. I'd guess that Ohio's caves, such as they are (the longest wild cave I know of in the state is 2323 feet), are more often visited by accidental tourists than frequented by cavers. It is 10 years into the WNS outbreak. While it's good that officials are concerned and that they are involving cavers in their work, it would seem that they are about eight years late in their approach and well behind on their review of the literature and knowledge of what others have discovered. :bananabat:
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Re: Ohio Involves Cavers in WNS

Postby GroundquestMSA » Jan 7, 2017 10:37 pm

Where are they asking these questions Curt? And why?

Over the past few years I have corresponded with several government officials about decontamination and the wisdom of cave closures in Ohio. They do seem to be behind in an understanding of the most recent science-based conclusions. For example, at a recent meeting with a land conservation group, (which I attended as a "guide" around a cave considered for purchase) a USFWS bat biologist informed the group, matter-of-factly, that cavers do and are spreading WNS, which I reckon is the party line. Elsewhere, I have had state-issued research permits rescinded because of a report of WNS. No one volunteered to explain the logic behind this decision, and my attempts to begin a conversation on the topic were ignored.

But you are right, Ohio cavers are almost exclusively unaffected by any ODoW decisions regarding caves, as 90% are on private land and besides, and very few are ever visited by cavers. This is especially true since WUSS' activity has slowed dramatically
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