50C/122F Hot Water Decon Tests

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Re: 50C/122F Hot Water Decon Tests

Postby BrianC » Mar 2, 2012 2:36 pm

John Lovaas wrote:I had a chance to do a load of caving laundry with 3 Onset HOBO Pendant temperature loggers as part of the load. They are accurate to 1 degree F., and have a 5 minute response time in water. The loggers collected water temperature at 10 minute intervals in this experiment.

I ran the washer through a 20 minute hot water soak cycle, followed by a standard hot/warm wash cycle with 10 minutes of agitation. The washer is an ancient Roper; my water heater is a new AO Smith; on a 0/1/2/3/4 rotary scale, it is set at 2. Im on city water, with the cold tap currently running at 49F.

The soak cycle started at 9:05AM, and ended at 9:43AM. The wash cycle started imemdiately afterwards, and ended around 10:50AM. The washer was opened at 11:07AM, and the data was downloaded.

It appears that it worked very well for requirements.
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