Know Knot Quiz --not so!

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Know Knot Quiz --not so!

Postby knudeNoggin » Oct 14, 2016 11:55 am

Yes, this concerns a 2005-originated article on the site, but ... .

ref. :

the pop-up gives (my answer preceding each) ::

No. Correct Answer Your Answer
??? 1) Running Bowline
yes 2) Butterfly
yes 3) Clove Hitch
yes! 4) Beer Knot
yes 5) Bowline
yes 6) Sheet Bend
NO 7) Bowline with Yosemite Tie-Off
yes 8) Ring Bend (Water Knot)

Firstly, arguably all knots shown can be seen
as more than one knot --e.g., the butterfly
(which is known as a mid-line eye knot) could be
seen as an end-2-end knot (only 2 of its 4 ends
are visible), beyond something bizarre happening
out of sight.

#7 is NOT a (mere) YoBowl, but is a (sometimes called)
"mountaineer's bowline with ...", aka it's a DOUBLE bowline and then ... .

And calling #1 a running bowline is plain wrong, too :
as an eyeknot, the bowline should show that its eye legs
are roughly going parallel out into the eye, and in the
particular case of the bowline, this means that the loop
part --what the mainline forms in turning around the
"rabbit in...out of the hole" bight/U part--
should be seen to be going this way; in this image,
though, that part appears to be negligibly tensioned
and the would-be-an-eye-leg part exiting off to the
left seems to be if anything going AWAY from sight,
as it would (being a tail) for a becket hitch / sheet bend.
And especially as the running bowline has something IN
its eye to give it the shape of an eye knot as discussed,
this image does NOT fit --it's hardly right for someone
to so identify it thusly.

And #6 is rather deceptive, in that on the left side there is
a bright image of a rope part, which can only be some bit
of out-of-the-knot rope catching light, and not directly
figuring in the knot --but yet it's more visible than the
only slightly lit part below it which IS an end of the knot.

#8 is consistent with being a water knot,
but also of being an overhand eyeknot.

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