New (2013) Petzl Basic for ropewalkers

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New (2013) Petzl Basic for ropewalkers

Postby ianreuter10 » Jul 7, 2015 10:09 am

I am currently in the process of setting up a new ropewalking system and have heard a few bad things about the new model of petzl basic. A few reviews of the new model of the basic, released in 2013, indicate that when used in a ropewalker setup, the new basic experiences many more misfires in first 25 to 30 feet of climbs, as compared to the older version. I am wondering if this is just a instance of a few people with less than stellar ropewalking form writing reviews, or if ropewalker users as a whole are experiencing this problem more frequently with the newer model of the basic?

If it is the case that the new basic makes starting up the rope more difficult, are there any alternatives that you guys would recommend, as I can no longer find the older version for sale. I found a ascender from climbing technology, called the simple ascender, which looks similar to the old basic model. A link to it can be found here: ... imple.html

I would also be interesting in purchasing a older model of the basic if anyone has a extra laying around that they are no longer using.
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