Innermost Imagery - Cave Photography By Bob Biddix.

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Innermost Imagery - Cave Photography By Bob Biddix.

Postby zenas » Aug 10, 2006 3:59 pm

Innermost Imagery - Cave Photography By Bob Biddix.

Description: 10 August 2006.

As a professional photographer Bob Biddix strives to deliver the best images possible. The creator of Innermost Imagery, his photographs provide high quality imaging at its best.

As a published photographer, Bob has had many of his photographs in national magazines, books, and local publications. Commercial, portrait, fashion, and glamour photography are but a few of the many talents he has to offer. Group portraits and Wedding pictures are also available.

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Re: Innermost Imagery - Cave Photography By Bob Biddix.

Postby jamesmiller123 » Oct 2, 2019 7:00 am

Have instead unnoticed this blog inside the closing three years. Not that I had been idle. I have spent most of the final 3 years (whilst not being saved busy by way of my young own family) specialising in panoramic underground photography. I actually have developed my personal high electricity LED images lighting for this. This super magazine is available in digital down load (PDF format) for a good deal £4 (GBP) consistent with 12 months.

I am in the method of upgrading my caving flashes to some thing that allows you to with a bit of luck be more reliable vs all the cable related 2d hand conversion jobs I have been lugging round for years. Typically the cables are the point of failure. This is what I am trying out YONGNUO OEM YN-560 III. I bought one trial unit plus their RF-603 radio triggers. Smaller, lighter flash and with any luck extra dependable radio triggers (and powered through AAA cells in place of Alkaline 12V battery, so it is going to be tons easier to trade them underground in the event that they run down). I will record in addition as soon as testing has happened underground.

I have been developing my abilities and strategies for taking panoramic underground pix. I actually have pretty a piece of work to post in this weblog, however for now right here is the image which definitely kick commenced me down this route.

After all the preceding dialogue on what it the quality flash to mount to your digicam to cause different flashes the usage of optical slaves (e.G. Firefly slaves), I have discovered a advanced opportunity; the radio trigger. It continually regarded a waste of area in my bag, and of a good flash to must masks one of my flashes on the digicam so that it did not make a contribution to the exposure of a photograph, simply so that the opposite flashes would cause. The radio trigger replaces the flash at the camera warm shoe. It is a great deal smaller than a flash, and there are none of the high voltage troubles associated with digital camera installed flashes. A small receiver unit is attached to one of the flashes used to light the photograph, and this flash in turn triggers all of the others using the Firefly slaves.

Originally I attempted a cheap and joyful radio slave determined on eBay (from China). This works amazing at home, but for a few cause it fails to cause reliably underground. Then I got here across a recommendation on the US cavechat images forum for a radio slave known as Cactus v4 which looked nicely presented and was not too much more pricey. So I ordered any such and feature discovered it to be very reliable. I turned into so impressed that I later purchased a 2nd receiver. So now the radio trigger on my camera hot shoe can trigger flashes directly. These can still trigger additional flashes using the optical slaves, so the range is not a big trouble as I handiest need one flash especially near the digicam to be brought about by means of radio, and this could cause more remote flashes using Firefly slaves. These radio triggers claim various 30 metres but I actually have now not tested this in exercise. I almost continually have a flash a great deal toward the camera than this, and I use the radio trigger in this nearest flash.

The radio trigger gives me two similarly blessings (on pinnacle of being smaller and no longer using up one in all my flashes). Firstly, it's going to now not be brought on by way of other flashes. This is most useful when other photographers are working nearby inside the equal cave. Now my radio connected flashes will not be caused via their flashes. Their optical slaved flashes will nonetheless be caused via mine, however that does not motive me issues! Secondly, I have located that my Firefly slaves now and again misbehave on my hammerhead flashes, inflicting them to trigger as soon as they attain complete price. When this occurs the flash continues triggering in an infinite cycle each time it recharges. It gets difficult to decide which flash is inflicting the trouble as all the different flashes cause on the equal time because they may be all on Firefly slaves. Plus the probabilities of this happening increases the more optical slaved flashes I am using at the same time. So via putting a couple of flashes on radio triggers, I reduce the incidence of this problem, and if it does happen then I are aware of it needs to be one in all just one or optical slaved flashes in the installation, and might fast sort it out (turning off the offending flash for a few seconds after which turning it back on frequently stops the countless cycle of price, cause, price, trigger).
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