Wanted: Experienced vertical cavers who can act for a caving

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Wanted: Experienced vertical cavers who can act for a caving

Postby sockydr » Jan 7, 2017 7:00 pm

Wanted: Experienced vertical cavers who can act for a caving movie
: Film crew (lighting, continuity, sound, sherpas, etc)

I am planning on producing a fictional (but based on a true story) movie on caving. The program will be around 40 minutes long and requires five male and/or female actors. Since there are a lot of scenes that have speaking parts, I need cavers who can ‘act’ in a realistic manner. I plan on doing ‘auditions’.

Most of the filming will be in a specific cave (Greenbrier County, WV), but some will be done outside. The cave is wet and will require wetsuits. It is also vertical with 3 short (maximum of 40 feet) waterfall drops (mostly out of the water). A good portion of the filming will take place deep in the cave with travel time of 2 to 3 hours (one way). Film trips will last upwards of 12 to 15 hours and will involve swimming in some places.

I plan on filming in the fall of 2017 – August and September time frame. The cave floods, so trips and timing will be somewhat dependent on the weather. Filming will not be done in one or two days – it will take a number of trips into the cave to capture all the required scenes. Anyone who is interested would have to be able to commit to a very flexible schedule next fall.

Any help would be on a volunteer basis only. This is a very low budget movie, but there may be some perks as to equipment in order to maintain continuity. Your name in lights, free copies, and a few dinners are definitely included as an inducement.

Please contact David Socky if you are interested in helping out. Email: sockydr@cox.net, cell phone: 540-529-1591.
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Re: Wanted: Experienced vertical cavers who can act for a ca

Postby BrianFrank » Jan 9, 2017 10:23 am

Good luck with the project, can't wait to see it!
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