Inkscape/SVG Exporter Issue

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Inkscape/SVG Exporter Issue

Postby Nick Socky » Sep 19, 2015 8:38 am

Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me out with an Inkscape/SVG Exporter problem I have been running into. With the foresight of round-tripping in the near future, I have been experimenting with rotating the cave or adding line plot survey to the Inkscape file through the SVG Exporter. I have placed all of the necessary cave details and walls in the appropriate layers that the SVG exporter provides, and it loads fine in the Exporter as well. I do my survey modification and then I do the Merge/Morph/Save function. However, when I reopen in Inkscape, the image is not at all what I want. (see Image Below). Has anyone else had this problem, or am I just a cheap weirdo for using Inkscape? Can anyone point me in a direction of fixing this issue? Is my exporter out of date? Or am I not following the procedure properly somewhere. Thanks!

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Re: Inkscape/SVG Exporter Issue

Postby driggs » Sep 21, 2015 2:00 pm

I trust that you have carefully read over the following thorough documentation first?

* Exporting SVG Files From Compass
* Creating Cave Maps Using Inkscape
* Merging and Morphing (Round-Tripping)

I'd suggest following through those docs step-by-step using the smallest, simplest set of fake survey data as possible. Once you've got the complicated process down, then try it with your real survey data.

And if CaveChat doesn't land you much help, Larry Fish and an active community of Compass users are on the Compass Users email list.
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Re: Inkscape/SVG Exporter Issue

Postby HKalnitz » Oct 6, 2015 7:54 pm

I have been roundtripping in compass for a bit, and not seeing the problems you are. I am using illustrator rather then inkscape, but it doesnt seem like your issues are due to your drafting program.

I did move almost everything into the shp folder as opposed to the sym folder as I found the new location of the cave was going right over the cross sections I had placed earlier.

I am finding a few glitches:
- I am getting what looks like unclosed rocks that add a horizontal line to the rock - these are easy to redraw
- some of my leader lines for my cross sections are extending downward
- whatever I do - all of my floor detail, which is a brush, is misplaced downward

These are pretty minor compared to a redraft, and some of my loops early in the cave, but closed later, DID change the line plot considerably

My recco to you
Do NOT change the orientation or the direction of the cave in SVG. Leave the original and the updated lineplot exactly the same, and see if that helps. I normally never change the orientation of the cave until I am ready to print. That way if I get new survey I do not have to spin the notes

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