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Walls help: GPS fix coordinates must be referenced in cave?

PostPosted: Mar 9, 2015 6:50 pm
by flightfollowing
I am new to walls and trying to tie GPS coordinates outside the cave, to the cave entrance. Walls appears to support georeferencing of the cave component to GPS coordinates only if the GPS station fix is directly referenced in the cave segment, as in the tutorial file included with walls. If the GPS coordinates lie beyond the cave and one tried to connect the gps coordinates via a surface survey or intermediate segment, the compilation seems to fail. I can get around this by including the GPS station fix in the cave segment, but then the surface segment is included in the cave segment, which is not correct. Anyone have suggestions?

Re: Walls help: GPS fix coordinates must be referenced in ca

PostPosted: Mar 10, 2015 8:10 am
by caver.adam
Sorry, I don't have enough experience in Walls. Heck, I don't have enough in the one I use either other than to guess randomly until I get it right.

This document doesn't get into much detail, but it has some things they've done. I'm curious whether there is an issues with the #segment that you are in, with the way you're entering GPS, or something else.

Best of luck.