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Therion new release

Postby Martin Sluka » Apr 5, 2017 2:29 pm

Therion new version 5.4.0 is available on github: or

Therion 5.4.0 (2017-04-03) changes:

* repos created
* added support for cross-compiler
* integration

* include UISv1 grade definitions [PR#6]
* new ini file option: tex-fonts-optional
* simple CSV database export with shot and equate lists [PR#9,19]
* KML export improved (survey title, map comment, folder icons, entrances,
survey names...) [PR#13]
* added loop error info to .3d model
* sync up img.c and img.h with latest Survex versions [PR#16]
* update to latest poly2tri code [PR#43]
* documentation improvements [PR#29,38,42]
* Chinese translation added -- manual setup of fonts in the ini file
(pdf-fonts) is necessary (thanks to Zhang Yuan Hai and Duncan Collis)
* updated Bulgarian, Czech, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Slovak
translations [PR#9,12,18,34,41,46,55,56,58,60,65,67,68,69,70,72]
* new and updated map symbols:
- added line rope symbol, updated line handrail in MP [PR#9]
- added area flowstone to AUT symbolset [PR#35]
- added line fixed-ladder
- added polyline_offset macro in MP
- fixed AUT ceiling-step and ceiling-meander [PR#47]
- changed AUT painted/fixed station to ASF:fixed layout [PR#48]
* bugs and issues fixed:
- fix missing font declarations when using pdf-fonts with more than 256 chars
- added export of CLIP attribute in SHP export
- include coordinate system and date-surveyed in the .3d export [PR#9,19]
- fix warning "Can't Open Cavern Log File For Input" [PR#9]
- fix compiler warnings [PR#10,22,24]
- fix altitude colours with centreline [PR#11]
- fix survex path detection
- ensure text files end with a new line [PR#14]
- fix typos in messages and comments [PR#17,23,25,39,40,45]
- make "make clean" work fully for debug build [PR#20]
- regularise indentation to use spaces [PR#26]
- whitespace clean-up [PR#27]
- sync divergent docs of therion command line [PR#28]
- eliminate second copy of Survex img code [PR#33]
- remove accidentally committed files [PR#37]
- remove redundant NULL checks [PR#44]
- use $(MAKE) instead of make [PR#51]
- improve calculation of fractional year [PR#52]
- fixing raft-cone point being drawn as raft [PR#54]

* shortcuts to delete a line point (Ctrl-Shift-D) and zoom (Ctrl-Up/Down)
* colouring of lines based on type
* station point shown with triangle instead of dot
* Line simplification command to reduce number of points without converting
to Bezier [PR#8]
* apply proper collation when sorting [PR#71]
* bugs fixed:
- fix long delay processing large log files [PR#2]
- fix loading of files with no extension in text editor [PR#30]
- fix line point contextual menu [PR#61]
- fix xtherion/lang/ regex [PR#62]
- include missing translatable texts [PR#63,66]
- enable canvas zoom with the mouse wheel [PR#64]
- uncomprehensible error message while loading unsupported progressive JPEGs

* manual page added [PR#15]
* bugs fixed:
- fix assertions with wxWidgets 3.0 [PR#1]
- remove redundant NULL checks [PR#44]
- fix loch "make depend" [PR#32]
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Re: Therion new release

Postby Martin Sluka » Apr 18, 2017 1:41 pm

Hi, there is a new release 5.4.1 of Therion.
Release notes:

v5.4.1 Therion 5.4.1 (2017-04-18):

* added fonts-setup layout option
* added min-symbol-scale layout option
* added support for -scale <number> for point and line symbols
(1.0 ≡ medium symbol size)
* updated Russian translation [PR#73,74]
* bugs fixed:
- remove debugging output when reading Survex err files
- don't accept stddev <= 0

Best regards,
Therion team
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