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Postby Grandpa Caver » Jul 30, 2007 9:20 pm

I had the pleasure of leading the JSS caving trips during convention and would like to give all attendees, kids & parents alike, a big "tip of the hardhat" for one of the best times I've had in a while.

I've seldom met a finer bunch of caving companions.
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Postby wendy » Jul 30, 2007 9:25 pm

I'd also like to thank the JSS. We had one JSS member come by our campsite post storm on Thursday night to make sure we were all ok, see if we needed anything, let us know where dry blankets were being given out, and made sure that all of our folks were accounted for. I think that was freat of the JSS to do and is also a very mature thing to do and sometimes in a crisis situation a hard job to do. Good work!
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JSS Rocks

Postby Ronaldo » Aug 11, 2007 10:05 am

I would like to sincerely thank the JSS folks for all their hard work and dedication to serving the kids and parents of the NSS Convention. I feel that the service the JSS provides goes unnoticed by the majority of the attendees who do not bring kids with them. Rick worked really hard to keep everything flowing as scheduled and his family were all great supporters of the mission.

I set up and monitored the Cave Info Kiosk and shared a large room with them. We did not even know we were setting up in the same area before hand and they were very agreeable to work with me on setting up to benefit both purposes. Rick and his support staff were all very friendly and helpful, and helped pass the time during my day and night hours of set up in the cave info room. I constantly saw Rick's daughter Ricky (I hope I spelled that right) working like crazy with the ice, helping in the JSS room, remembering everyone's names, and being friendly and helpful to everyone she came into contact with.

They also worked very hard to supply the convention with ice for their coolers while at the same time raising funds to keep the cost to parents low, which was a never ending job throughout convention. Often times I saw them unloading the ice truck chaining bags of ice from one person to the next while impatient customers waited for a chance to get a bag or 3. This funding of the kids program allows many of us parents to be able to afford to attend, and helps provide high quality programs for the kids, which is a huge service to the convention as a whole.

My daughter Rosalie (8) really enjoyed several of the activities and went on the Sullivan Cave trip. She especially enjoyed the art stuff and getting the chance to meet other kids. I was feeling good about leaving my kid in their care!

Thanks again JSS!!!!
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