Youth FAQ - Equipment

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Youth FAQ - Equipment

Postby lookingaround » Feb 10, 2007 11:27 pm

Here is another FAQ question/answer. Please post suggestions, corrections and ideas.

What type of equipment do we need?
Commercial caves usually provide required equipment. In most other cases, you will need to provide your own equipment. Your guide will probably provide an equipment list. Be sure that you have all of the items (in the required quantities) for your group. If you do not have the equipment, contact your guide before the start of the trip. Your guide may decline to take your group if you are not properly equipped! Your list might include the following:
    1) Helmet/Hard Hat. (See FAQ Question #X “Do I really need a helmet”?).
    2) Lights. You should have multiple light sources and extra batteries available. You will probably mount at least one light to your helmet, so you will want lights that are relatively light. Many people prefer LED lights because of their long battery life. Your guide may offer advice.
    3) Clothing. Appropriate for the type of cave and conditions expected on the trip. Generally, multiple layers of thin clothing are best. That way, clothing can be removed or added as needed.
    4) Food. Appropriate for length of trip plus some extra. Easily nibbled high-energy snacks are usually nice for short trips.
    5) Water. Each person should have plenty of water.
    6) Garbage Bag. Folded/rolled and stored in your helmet/hardhat.
Optional Items:
    1) Cheap work gloves.
    2) Knee pads. Depending upon cave.
    3) Camera. Remember that many caves are a harsh environment that is tough on cameras.
    4) Small Backpack. Used to store the above items. An old school bookbag is usually about the right size for an average beginner trip.
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