Youth FAQ - Getting Lost

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Youth FAQ - Getting Lost

Postby lookingaround » Apr 23, 2006 8:09 pm

So much for getting this FAQ done before the end of winter. :sad:

Here is another FAQ question & answer. Please post any suggestions/commets/etc. Thanks!

Could we get lost in the cave?
Most guides will only take youth groups into familiar caves. If they are proposing to take your group into an unfamiliar cave, you may wish to consider finding a different guide. See "Guide quality" in Youth Group Caving - Information for Youth Group Leaders and Parents (Make link to NSS site). Getting truly lost is unlikely when using proper techniques, but it can happen even in a familiar cave.

An experienced guide will probably take precautions to keep from getting lost and other precautions in case you actually do. Your guide will usually leave the group’s plans with a responsible adult who will know when the group missing. This way, a rescue group can be dispatched in the event you don’t return in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, they would likely use underground and navigation techniques to help find their way out.
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