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AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 14, 2016 9:32 am
by gindling
Im looking for a new cave suit for alpine caving and was wondering if anyone has experience with this cave suit. My PVC suit is trashed. I like the PVC in that it doesn't soak up water, mud easily wipes off and dries quick, and that I can glue on patches when needed. I was wondering if someone who owns this suit could answer a question or two.

1. Is this just a cordura style weave with a waterproof coating? It says polyamide fabric but i don't know how that feels.

2. Does the fabric soak up water? or is it more of a hydrophobic material?

3. Does the fabric have a texture that would soak up mud?

Ive heard the Landjoff PVC suits are kind of ill fitting, and since Meander doesn't make PVC suits anymore Im not sure of what to get now.


Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 14, 2016 11:02 am
by snoboy
I cave in the AV Holloch, which is the same suit with a slightly shorter back length. Most of my trips are in cool to cold alpine caves in BC. Usually some water about - a bit splashy you could say.

1. Cordura/packcloth type fabric. W/P coating. Polyamide = Nylon AFAIK.
2. The fabric holds some water. When I wash it it takes a few hours to dry, but I wouldn't say it's a huge amount of water.
3. Holds some mud, but not excessive, IMO. I have never used a PVC suit, and imagine they would be much better in this regard. I have a muddy dig going, and the suit certainly weighs more after that, but it rinses off fine.

Overall I like the suit. I have worn out the knees and the butt, which I rebuilt last fall, but I will be buying a new one this Spring and keeping the old one for dig trips. The front of the legs are doubled fabric as are the elbows and butt. The way they are designed, once the first layer gets a hole, mud/water etc can get in with no easy way out, so that is a bit annoying. The Velcro closure has started to be unreliable, but that was about the same time the fabric has worn out, so seems reasonable.

Where are you getting yours, may I ask? I was going to order from Starless River again, but if there is a good N American source, I would be happy to know.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 14, 2016 2:31 pm
by gindling

This is the only NA distributor that I know of. Its a new company so they are still getting stuff on their website but the AV suits are on.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 15, 2016 10:56 am
by UnderGroundEarth
Nina at Inner Mountain Outfitters is also selling AV suits now. They are not on her web site just yet but I am sure you could phone her.

I LOVE MY AV SUIT and use it all the time here in TAG in wet caves.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 18, 2016 12:21 pm
by LukeM
Word is that Meander is making their PVC (Criou) suits again. At least, it's now listed on their site.

I recently bought one of the Landjoff PVC suits and I did find the sizing to be wonky, but I ended up exchanging for the next size down (should be too small according to the size chart) and it fits me better than my old Meander did. The material doesn't feel quite as sturdy as the meander, and the seams aren't welded, but the addition of suspenders is a plus.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2016 12:24 pm
by potholer
I love my Holloch for wet trips - compared to my old PVC, the large hood has kept me drier when climbing rope in spray, and the better-fitting body seems to be less prone to water seeping in 'below the belt', though the non-taped seams do allow a tiny amount of damp in at the shoulders.
Overall, it's a far better fit for me than my Meander was, and easier to move in.

The original Holloch didn't have double fabric on the forearms, and along with changed relative dimensions, that was another modification when they made the Titan.
As far as I'm aware, double forearm fabric for a Holloch is a custom feature for Starless River - the AV site still shows the old-style unreinforced arms, and only talks about leg/backside reinforcement.

I'm not sure who (if anyone) apart from SR might sell the arm-reinforced version, so if forearms are a wear point for anyone, it'd be worth checking with a supplier.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2016 12:44 pm
by snoboy
I mis-spoke - my Holloch does not have doubled arms, just knees and butt.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Feb 10, 2017 1:27 pm
by Cavermax
I know this is an old post but to avoid starting another conversation directly related to the subject matter I have continued to post here. I was curious as to how the AV Titan fits. I have looked over the size chart and it seems to place me around a XL. I am concerned since I am not an XL in anything else that I wear. I am 5'9" and 170 lbs and usually wear between a med and a large. I want enough room to wear a 3mil wetsuit underneath, without having a bloomy mess of material swirling around me when I don't. I have worn Wunderalls for most of my caving life but after trashing the last pair in just under three years I am ready to try something different. The polyamide material intrigues me and I would love to see how it wears in the rip and shred passages of Roppel. Is the material as light as it looks? It just seems so thin compared to the Cordura material. I can understand a thinner material if it tends to snag less than the Cordura. :cavingrocks:

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Feb 12, 2017 3:30 pm
by dendroica
I am 5' 10" 220 and the Titan in XL fits me. There is no way you at 170lbs would want the XL. The material is defiantly thinner then any Cordura suit I have owned. I just got the Titan this winter so I have yet to test out its durability.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Feb 12, 2017 5:18 pm
by Cavermax
Do you feel like you need the extra 6cm in the waist length or does it cause the crotch to be a bit low? How is the shoulder width? I have very wide shoulders.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Feb 12, 2017 6:15 pm
by dendroica
I have a long torso and short legs (30" inseam) so I needed the extra length. When I tried on the Holloch the torso was way to short. I have large shoulders/chest and it fits me well. In fact for me, Titan is the best fitting cave suit I have owned and that includes custom ones.

Re: AV Titan cave suit

PostPosted: Nov 20, 2018 9:54 am
by a_gunslinger
Dredging this up again ;^) I have a chance to buy a barely used AV Titan suit. I cave in US Midwest during spring and summer. Hot outside, 55 underground. Half wet, half dry. Tend to get warm easily. This think looks a bit like the old PVC raincoats/pants, with no breath-ability and like a sauna when sweating :caver: Will have a light wicking layer under it, but didnt quite expect it to be that non breathable. Super well made and comfortable suit. Just not sure its right for temperate midwest caving.