SPELEOtherapeutics- Cave-Inspired Aromatherapy Products

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SPELEOtherapeutics- Cave-Inspired Aromatherapy Products

Postby EmmEeeElliiessessa » Sep 29, 2016 8:21 am

Aromatherapy and holistic healing have long been passions of mine. It was from this passion that SPELEOtherapeutics was birthed. SPELEOtherapeutics is a small homespun company that has only come to fruition over the past year. I craft and sell aromatherapy products, all of which are formulated using naturally-filtered cave mineral water that is sourced directly from a karst spring. All ingredients used are chosen specifically for their therapeutic abilities. Ideal for cavers and cave enthusiasts, these products are completely natural, vegan, and made only with sustainable ingredients. Only pure essential oils and Amish-grown herbs are utilized in the formulation of SPELEOtherapeutics products. SPELEOtherapeutics encompasses various products, the most popular being SPELEO-Soaps (beer soaps in particular). These are soaps made utilizing the old fashioned cold- process method. They are made in small quality controlled batches and can be purchased from a pre-made inventory list or custom made to your liking. I also offer a variety of herbs for use in herbalism as well as mineral specimens and crystal grid kits for crystal healing.

Check out my website for further information, and feel free to contact me with any inquiries!


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