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Books and biners still for sale

PostPosted: Jul 4, 2016 6:42 pm
by Ernie Coffman
Still have a few books and three 'biners for sale at really low prices, which will include postage.

1. 1978 Speleo Digest, $15.00

2. Speleology, The Study of Caves by George Moore and Brother Nicholas, $6.00

3. Bat Wings and Spider Eyes by Ronal C. Kerbo. New condition. $7.00

4. Cave Exploring by Jennifer Anderson. $5.00

5. Visiting American Caves by Howard N. Sloane and Russell H. Gurnee. Pictures, stories, and simple state maps of commercial caves throughout the U.S. $10.00

6. The Jewel Cave Adventures by Herb and Jan Conn. $9.00

7. 1975 NSS Convention Guidebook, Angels Camp (Frogtown), California, $18.00

8. 2000 NSS Convention Guidebook, Elkins, West Virginia, includes several maps, in a separate envelope. $21.00

9. 2003 NSS Convention Guidebook, Porterville, California, $22.00

10.2014 NSS Convention, Caves of Huntsville Field Trip Guide, $15.00

11. The Amateur's Guide to Caves & Caving by David R. McClurg, $5.00

12. Caving by Steven Boga,

13. Alpine Karst, 2004, Volume 1, Tina Oliphant, Editor, $12.00

14. Basic Mountaineering, 3rd Ed., Sierra Club. $7.00

15, Mountaineering, The Freedom of the Hills, 6th Ed., $12.00

16. Learning to Rock Climb by Michael Loughman, a Sierra Club Book, $9.00

17. 3-Aluminum SMC locking 'biners, $6 each, plus postage of $3.00 each or all three for $22.00.

I do PayPal and would like to be paid that way. Thanks for looking, and hopefully buying.