A new chair for the NSS Nature Preserves Committee is sought

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A new chair for the NSS Nature Preserves Committee is sought

Postby JohnWilson » May 29, 2009 2:33 pm

A new chair for the NSS Nature Preserves Committee is sought. The present chair, Buford Pruitt, will resign upon appointment of his successor.
The chair of this committee should be interested in cave management. Leadership ability and good people skills are important. Experience in property management and related areas are a plus.
There are approximated thirteen NSS preserves and the chair communicates with each property manager and consolidates their reports to the AVP for the Board of Governors.
This chair works with the various leaders in the Department of the Administrative Vice President to continue and improve the effective management of the NSS Nature Preserves and to help evaluate expansion of the program as appropriate.
Anyone considering applying to chair this committee may get more information or should apply to Ray Keeler, Administrative Vice President, at rckeeler@cox.net or John M. Wilson, Cave Management Division Chief, at wilsonjml@msn.com.
Nature Preserves Committee -- Administrative Vice President
The NSS Nature Preserves Committee manages all cave and karst lands owned by the NSS. All cave management committees established to run NSS owned and managed karst properties and NSS Nature Preserves report to this committee. (Act 26-577)
More information about this committee is available at:
http://www.caves.org/preserves/ and
http://www.caves.org/nss-business/bog/index-3.html Click Act Section 26 - Real Property
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