Caring For Your Karst Document for landowners

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Caring For Your Karst Document for landowners

Postby copelandcaver7 » Feb 13, 2009 1:33 am

Wanted to share some words from our president Jonathan Beard of the Springfield Plateau Grotto about our newest Publication for landowners.

Announcing the publication of "Caring for Your Karst", a 20-page, full color handbook for karst landowners. It defines what karst is, describes various karst features and how karst conservation is good for the groundwater, good for the landowners, their families and their neighbors as well as good for ecosystems in springs and caves, and then gives helpful information on how to conserve karst resources. 11,200 copies were printed recently, and these are available for distribution to caving organizations as well as local, state and federal agencies. An on-line pdf version of the publication is also available for download at the following link in the Educational Info section: Organizations with websites are encouraged to link to this page, or to include the pdf file in their respective websites. Those who distribute hard copies to landowners are encouraged to include additional information with the handbooks that might include information about their own organizations, information about the features owned by the particular landowner and additional information about conserving natural resources.

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