Study on the Conservation of Caves

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Study on the Conservation of Caves

Postby chlorobio » Nov 27, 2008 10:06 am

I would like to ask from the members here if what will be a good topic for a thesis study about caves...
we have caves here in our region and i guess it is beginning to become damaged because of unconcerned people of that place.
i would like to conduct a study on how to conserve the caves but i still i dont know what specific aspect on the cave that i will study. my thesis is for my masters degree in biology. :looking:
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Re: Study on the Conservation of Caves

Postby ggpab » Dec 13, 2008 12:36 pm

Hello Chlorobio.

I appreciate your interest in studying caves, but your email is too vague to know what aspect of the caves you are interested in.

Is the threat to the caves due to tourists visiting the caves? Or is it from changes on the surface such as from farming, or disposal of garbage?

Are you a caver yourself, and therefore doing research inside the cave is possible?
If the caves you are interested in are developed for tourism, then the access might be easier and so you don't actually have to be a caver.
You are a biologist. There are many and diverse aspects of cave biology that are exciting. Have you read anything that has been most interesting to you?

Without having more details, it is hard to know where to start making suggestions.
All the best.

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