EGU 2007: Karst Geomorphology session: call for abstracts

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EGU 2007: Karst Geomorphology session: call for abstracts

Postby zenas » Oct 20, 2006 11:07 am

EGU 2007: Karst Geomorphology session: call for abstracts

Description: 17 Oct. 2006. Alert:

A message from Jo De Waele (Italy), Philippe Audra (France) and Lukas Plan (Austria) re: EGU 2007 Karst Geomorphology Session, see also: ... etingId=64

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Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to announce that for the first time there will be a session on karst geomorphology "GM7 Surface and Subsurface Karst Geomorphology" at the EGU General Assembly 2007 to be held in Vienna (15-20 April 2007). This session is co-sponsored by the Commission of Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis of the Union International de Spéléologie and the Karst Commission of the International Geological Union.

Since several years there has been (and there still is) a karst
session in the Natural Hazards program (NH 8.03) "Natural and Antropogenic Hazards in karst areas" that has had an enormous success last year with over 40 papers presented and a total of three oral slots (18 oral presentations). This year karst scientists are given the opportunity to present papers to both sessions. Both sessions, related to more or less applied geomorphological issues, are correlated and session convenors will work together to make both karst sessions successful.

The deadline for the abstracts is January 15th. The abstracts must be sent via the EGU web site.

Info on the meeting:

You can find more information on abstract submission at ... tract.html

Info on the Surface and subsurface karst geomorphology session is at: ... &s_id=4518

For who's interested in the session on "Natural and Anthropogenic hazards in karst areas": ... &s_id=4433

Please contact the convenor Mario Parise for more information:

In case you know of colleagues who might not be aware of this event and the relative karst sessions please feel free to spread the voice.

We are looking forward to meet you in Vienna,

The conveners of the Surface and Subsurface Karst Geomorphology Session,

Jo De Waele
Philippe Audra
Lukas Plan
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