Searching For Historical Cave Data in Arkansas

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Searching For Historical Cave Data in Arkansas

Postby Teri G » Aug 16, 2015 5:06 am

Hi, My name is Teri. I am new to this Forum. I have not done much caving and am an amateur at best. I live in Russellville, Arkansas. I was doing some research on Google recently and an article popped up stating that there is an abandoned previously open to the public cave a few miles from Russellville, AR, called the McChristen or McChrisden (not sure of the spelling) Cave off of a certain Road. Does anyone who has been caving in Arkansas, in POPE County, near Russellville, know of this cave or the history behind it. I am very interested in the HISTORY of the cave. Not as much as where it is located. I have tried to keep the location confidential. I tried the same search on Google two days in a row, and nothing popped up, so I am sure no one will know where the cave is located.

I just really would like to know more about the family that ran the cave as a business and what happened to them, if anyone knows their story. Also if anyone has been inside the cave and what the inside looks like. Such as is it small or large, lime stone or shale, etc. Sounds interesting to be so close to Russellville and never have heard of it.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this historical search.

Teri G.
Teri G
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Re: Searching For Historical Cave Data in Arkansas

Postby Caving Guru » Aug 17, 2015 5:22 am

If you don't find someone here that can answer your question, I would suggest that you try to reach one of the grottos (caving clubs) of Arkansas to see if one of their members know the answer to your question. In Arkansas, there is the Boston Mountain Grotto, Central Region Arkansas Grotto, COBRA (Cavers of the Batesville Region of Arkansas) Grotto, Little Rock Grotto, and MOLES (Middle Ozark Lower Earth Society). The COBRA Grotto and Boston Mountain Grotto both have Facebook groups if you wanted to reach out to their members.

COBRA Grotto:

Boston Mountain Grotto:
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