Scottsboro Mtn Camping Closed

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Scottsboro Mtn Camping Closed

Postby Scott McCrea » Jun 21, 2015 8:47 am

This is from TagNet:

1) Scottsboro Mountain closed for camping indefinitely
By: Andy Zellner (Marietta, Georgia)

I know many cavers have camped or stayed on Scottsboro Mountain (Melody Mountain to locals) before. It seems that our access there has finally come to an end. Not because of the actions of anyone in particular, it was just time.

A few days ago, a friend drove by the gate and noticed that the caver combo lock had gone missing along with most of the other locks. I sent an email to the Sheppard family, and learned that Mrs. Sheppard passed away a few weeks ago. She had five daughters who are now in their 50s-60s and all have different ideas of what to do with the
valuable property.

So at least for now, they have closed access to everyone. I do not forsee them opening it back up again, though cavers at least had always been good stewards there. They put up with our shenanigans for over 25 years, really. :)

So please pass the word, I'm afraid the end of an era has come in TAG. And don't do anything dumb like taking the gate off the hinges and driving up there anyway - we need to move on.


--Andy Zellner
Scott McCrea
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